As you leave the busy and bustling city of Ludhiana and head on Ferozepur Road towards Moga, you come across an oasis called Shamsher Avenue, once the farming lands of famous poet and writer Kartar Singh Shamsher and his sons Jugraj Singh Grewal and Avninder Singh Grewal. The posh community of Shamsher Avenue is nestled beside Ranjit Nagar, a community named after the Kartar Singh Shamsher's young brother Ranjit Singh Grewal who died at a young age. The community of Shamsher Avenue was created in 1989. Long before the development of Shamsher Avenue, the area was the farming lands of this Grewal family from Barewal Awana. It was an area busy with writers and poets such as Shiv Kumar Batalvi, Professor Mohan Singh and Saudhu Singh.Hamdard. It was a place where family and friends filled the night sky with stories, laughter and love. During this time, the Grewal family had a number of dogs which was inspired by the passion of Kartar Singh Shamsher's wife, Kulwant Kaur. The breeds of these dogs included Labradors, German Sheppards and Gaddis. The good times at the farm came to an end when the family along with their two sons immigrated to Canada in 1971. Although the good times and laughter was left behind, it was to be brought back a mere 18 years later when the Grewal family sons, Jugraj Singh Grewal and Avninder Singh Grewal brought to reality their vision of creating a colony named after their late father and great poet, Kartar Singh Shamsher. As a result, the posh community of Shamsher Avenue was created.

Shamsher Avenue is now a busy place where a number of upper class families reside. Within the Shamsher Avenue colony there lays another oasis of 2 acres where the Grewal family house sits at the same spot that once was their ancestral farm house. The beautifully manicured lawns are inspired by the love of flowers and the outdoors of the Late Kulwant Kaur, the mother of Jugraj Singh and Avninder Singh. Just across from their house, is the now famous Grewal Kennels of Ludhiana. The kennel is managed by Amrit Cheema and shares in the passion of dogs with Avninder Singh. In 1992 the Grewal kennel started to first house German Sheppards and Labradors. Three years later, Avninder Singh's passion for dogs extended to the breeding of these dogs.

Avninder Singh Grewal's first passion was the Neapolitan Mastiff, but not satisfied with Indian quality of this breed the Grewal's imported a pair of Neapolitan Mastiffs from Russia. They also imported a Neo that was the male son of two time world champion from a very well known kennel, TDY Chang Canada. The Grewal's have since bred a fine quality of Neos that have been very successful in show rings across North India.

The Grewal's have also imported Sharpei's from world famous Royal Sharpei Kennels from Portland, United States. With this top quality breed the Grewal's have pioneered and promoted this unique breed in India. A number of Sharpei puppies from the Grewal kennel can be found throughout India.

The Grewal's home breed is that of the Labrador. Their passion for this breed can be seen through the past 30 years. Labradors were the breed of choice for the Grewal family while living in India prior to immigration and they also had a Labrador by the name of Alex as their house pet in Canada. The Grewal's Indian champion is Mouji who won many categories including best puppy and several best of breed competitions. Along with the Labradors, the Grewal's have also won a number accolades for their Dachshunds whose blood lines can be traced to the Pardpranpark Kennel.

Finally, the breed that the Grewal kennel has really focused on has been the Rottweilers. The Grewal's are serious about leaving their mark when it comes to this breed. They have a collection of dogs that are from world famous kennels and from the top bloodlines of the Rottweiler breed. The dogs have included: Titan Von Hasan Hause, Indian Champion Zap Flash Rouse, Xumma Crni Lotos and Katiucha Vom Hause Edelstein , Zombi V H Neubrand , Dominico V D Altenfestung , Badi Zanas Babies , Zues AD Dirah . As a result of these world-class bloodlines and breeding, Grewal Kennels has bred world class Rotweillers in India. Grewal's homebred Rotweillers include Best in Show Winners such as Grewal's Turbo Power, Grewal's Security, and Grewal's Andrew. All of these dogs are now household names among Rotweiller lovers across India. The Grewal's are planning to import some more of this breed in order to increase the current gene pool so that they remain in India as one of the top Rottweiler breeders.

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