Rottweilers-- Grewal kennel

The Rottweiler has a muscular, massive, powerful body. The head is broad with a rounded forehead. The muzzle is well-developed. The teeth meet in a scissors bite. The wide nose is black. The lips are black and inside the mouth dark. The medium sized eyes are dark and almond-shaped. The ears are triangular, carried forward.  Note: Tail docking is illegal in India and most parts of Eourpe . Rear declaws are often removed. The Rottie is powerful , calm , trainable , courageous , and devoted to their owner and Family . Loyal and protective , they will defend their family fiercely if needed ,  seemingly immune to pain . serious , even-tempered, brave , confident and courageous, This breed needs an owner who is strong minded , calm but firm and able to handle their massive size. A docile, natural guard dog with laid back ,reliable temperament. They are highgly intelligent and have proven their worth beyond question in police, military, and custom work over many centuries and can be trained for competitive obedience. Because of their size, traning should begin when the dog is a small Puppy . 

Our Rottweiler family