Grewal Kennels will no longer be breeding Sharpeis. High pedigree of Sharpeis are no longer available for breeding. Over the past few years, Grewal Kennels has lost many of its high quality Sharpeis to old age and new governmental restrictions put on by the Indian government makes it difficult to import high quality Sharpeis from abroad. Our 7 year old import Sharpei, Royal Samson at Grewals will remain at Grewal Kennels to enjoy his new found retirement.

Last call - one black, 10 month old male Sharpei available to good show home! If interested, please email.




For the past decade we have been breeding Rottweilers in India.  Through this process we have imported more than 25 different bloodlines of this breed from all over the world resulting in high quality Rottweilers from our Kennel.  Rottweilers bred at Grewal Kennels can be found all across India.  In order to keep the integrity of our Grewal Kennels’ Rottweilers we are offering all first time owners of our female Rottweilers a special opportunity.  If you have a previously owned female Rottweiler from our Kennel or are planning to own a new female puppy from our Kennel you will have a one time opportunity to breed  your female Rottweiler to one of our high quality studs free of cost.  If you are interested in this opportunity please contact me via email only.  We look forward to continue creating a lasting legacy of Grewal Kennels’ Rottweilers in India.


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